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SummerTime Fine

Updated: Mar 12, 2019

"Summertime Fine" July 28-29 2018

Summertime Fine was our first ever themed art show held at our new Bowery space. Dedicated to summer in NYC: Vibrant colors, sun-kissed skin, relaxation, frozen treats, pool days, fancy sunglasses and gushing fire hydrants were all showcased through various mediums. We enjoyed back-to-back nights of fresh art, refreshing treats and seasonally appropriate vibes.

Artists: Marcus Allen, Molly Goldfarb, Nally Fine Art, Domonique Davenport, Eric Hosford, Yung Tifff, Ashley Serrano, Phillip Bennet Walker & Alan Jeffrey Art️.

Domonique Davenport • Tiffany Alfonseca • Ashley Serrano

"Chicken & Waffles" Nally Fine Art

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